Ridgeway VI

The 8-story project is the last phase of of the Ridgeway redevelopment of Cottage Place Gardens redevelopment, a more than decade-long process to revitalize the Croton Heights neighborhood in Southwest Yonkers. The senior's building is developed by The Community Builders, Inc. with The City of Yonkers and the Municipal Housing Authority and funded by NYS HCR. The new 90,700 SF building includes 92 apartments, recreation room, laundry rooms at each floor, a reading lounge with a terrace and an exerciser room as well as extensive landscaped open areas. The vision of Ridgeway VI is to provide modern and sustainable rental apartments for a diverse population in a mixed-income community.

The all-electric building will pursue EPA ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (MFNC) Certification and Enterprise Green Communities Plus Certifications. As part of achieving PHIUS Certification, the project will achieve , DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) Standards Verification and EPA Indoor airPLUS Standards Verification.

The building is under development with MLA as lead architect in collaboration with IMC Architecture, DPC.

We are proud to announce that Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers and The Community Builders, Inc.’s Ridgeway VI affordable housing project is officially Phius Design Certified!

→ Read the full Phius Design Certification press release here.

PROJECT 8-story, 90,700 SF Senior Housing Project
LOCATION Bishop William J. Walls Place, Yonkers, NY
CLIENT The Community Builders, Inc. &The City of Yonkers and the Municipal Housing Authority.
STATUS Construction Documents
CERTIFICATION Phius Design Certified

Phius Design Certified

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